The Range of Champagne Jacques Copin


  • Cuvée Tradition

    Cuvée Tradition

    The Estate vintage, Brut Tradition, is made to reflect the historic variety of grape found all over the Marne Valley: Pinot Meunier (90%), a touch of fruitiness comes from the Pinot Noir (10%) and the depth of reserve wine (10%). Meunier is expressed with subtlety and freshness with aromas of summer fruits such as peach and apple, mingling with lightly toasted almonds.

    Dosage liqueur d’expédition Brut 8,0 g/L.

    Also available in Demi-sec and half-bottle Brut.

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  • Cuvée Réserve

    Cuvée Réserve

    Subtle blend of the three grape varieties present on our vineyard, the vintage reserve is defined as a mature champagne harmony 33% Meunier, 33% Pinot Noir, 33% Chardonnay with 28% of reserve wines. The first taste is a touch of minerality, coated with ripe fruit aromas and a touch of liveliness.

    Dosage liqueur d’expédition Brut 8.0 g / L.

    Also available in magnum.

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  • Cuvée Rosé

    Cuvée Rosé

    Combining the fruity 60% Pinot Noir, with 25% Meunier and 15% Chardonnay, this wine is a blended rosé. 18% the estate's red wine is introduced, colouring it beautifully and giving it the delicate flavors of red fruits (raspberry, strawberry, gooseberry).

    Dosage expedition liqueur Brut 8.0 g / L.

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  • Cuvée Blanc de Blancs

    Cuvée Blanc de Blancs

    This champagne is made from uniquely one plot of Chardonnay grapes "La Goutte d'Or" (location) which by its excellent exposure offers our grapes remarkable flavors, a freshness and vitality that reminds you of snowy winter mornings when it is good to stay at home by the fire.

    Dosage expedition liqueur Extra Brut 3.0 g / L.

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  • Cuvée Millésime 200

    Cuvée Vintage 2005

    Remembrance of a year when nature rewarded us with an outstanding expression in the vineyard, the vintage has a blend of finesse of Chardonnay (50%) with the roundness of the Pinot Noir (50%). A selection of juices and wine for long aging allow the birth of a great aromatic complexity: notes of spice, honey and fresh and candied fruits. The lack of additional sugar (liqueur d’expédition) in this wine will seduce you with the conservation of its freshness and purity despite long aging in the cellar.

    Dosage liquor Brut Nature shipping 0 g / L.

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  • Cuvée Originelle

    Cuvée Originelle

    Developed from the "tête de cuvée" (first 300 liters of wine) 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Pinot Meunier, the Cuvée Originelle has a very complex aromatic palette thanks to its aging in barrels of new oak from the Argonne forest and this unique winemaking method is rarely practiced in Champagne: it is fermented at a low temperature, there is no malolactic fermentation and filtration, aging on laths. Derived from vines aged 25 to 60, this champagne uniquely expresses the fullness and power of Pinot Noir. Sold in a "Black Edition" case and limited edition Gold Leaf capsule.

    Dosage expedition liqueur Brut 8.0 g / L.

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  • Ratafia de Champagne

    Ratafia Champenois

    Initially reserved for appetizers, Ratafia is a liqueur made ​​from grape juice and alcohol. Ratafia has a very fresh taste!

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